Club World Cup 2023 Winners Badge

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FIFA World Champions 2023 badge available now

Commemorate Manchester City's triumphant victory in the Club World Cup 2023 with this exclusive Club World Cup Winners' Badge. Crafted to celebrate their exceptional achievement, this badge encapsulates the pride and glory of Manchester City's historic win.

Made with precision and attention to detail, this emblem boasts the iconic Manchester City crest emblazoned proudly at its center, framed by the prestigious Club World Cup laurel wreath. Its vibrant colors and intricate design capture the essence of victory and excellence, showcasing the team's dedication and skill on the global stage.

This officially licensed Club World Cup Winners' Badge is a testament to Manchester City's remarkable journey to becoming champions, serving as a cherished memento for passionate fans and collectors alike. Whether displayed proudly on your favorite jersey or added to your memorabilia collection, this badge symbolizes the pinnacle of success in the world of football.

Elevate your fan gear and relive the thrilling moments of Manchester City's historic Club World Cup triumph with this timeless and authentic Winners' Badge, a testament to the team's undeniable talent and unparalleled achievement on the international stage.